Don’t Panic has moved!

Hi I had to make a new website for uni so I've decided to post from there from now on. This site will remain here but new content will be posted to the new Don't Panic home. Thank you for your support thus far. Remember, self care and above all, DON'T PANIC.  


I forgot the damn cat food.

Today I have only a few spoons left and it's only 2.30pm. I ran into an old friend/ex-colleague at the supermarket. It was great to see him even though we are both not in the best of places. As I walked away from him into the supermarket, I was hit with a wave of sadness... Continue Reading →

A rant about triggers.

Am I dying? Nope. I'm triggered. **I have been writing this post for over a month. It's an extremely difficult topic to post about for obvious reasons. ** I've had 2 major triggers in the past 6 days. Suffice to say, I'm not feeling great. Actually, it isn't suffice to say because many many people do... Continue Reading →

Changes are not as good as a holiday

Changes are not nearly as good as a holiday. Changes are hard. Changes are exhausting. Good changes, not so good changes...for people such as myself, changes are more challenging than invigorating. Change can be triggering. I moved house last week. I contemplated moving for over a year. I wrote pros and cons lists. I wrote... Continue Reading →

Chasing demons around the park

*I wrote this 2 months ago and didn't post for some reason* Everyone seems to be talking about Pokemon Go  (or racism and terrorism which I'm avoiding) (I mean, I always avoid terrorism and racism but I'm avoiding people/posts talking about racism or any other isms really) (because I really just can't with any of that right... Continue Reading →

Time is an illusion…

CW: Grief, Death, Dad. Time is an illusion, grieving time doubly so. Sometimes I really wish I could hitch a ride off this damned planet. I just want out. I want off this stupid ride. Then I remember that I would miss all the great people and animals I know. Oh, and coffee! I would miss... Continue Reading →


She has been gone 18 years today. She was 18 when she died. I loved her as soon as I met her. By the end of our first class together, I knew that she was a special one. I think I knew that we would be special together. I think I knew that our time... Continue Reading →

When I Say I’m Tired…

Just about every time someone asks me how I am lately, I've answered with "I'm tired." Depression and Anxiety and Grief is exhausting. I am tired when I wake up in the morning and I am tired for most of the day until I go to bed again. I am so fucking tired that sometimes... Continue Reading →

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